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T O to Capital 2016
#1 TSMF 328.41%  
#2 FECM 246.43%  
#3 AMTEX 112.53%  
#4 AHL 82.99%  
#5 CSM 75.70%  
#6 GASF 63.05%  
#7 DEL 51.01%  
#8 FFLM 38.96%  
#9 ASTM 33.02%  
#10 FIBLM 24.95%  
TOP 10 Eps 2016
 #1 FIMM 14.01  
 #2 FML 10.11  
 #3 DCR 7.98  
 #4 AHL 7.45  
 #5 PRWM 2.16  
 #6 CPAL 1.85  
 #7 ZTL 1.80  
 #8 ARM 1.76  
 #9 PGF 1.61  
 #10 FHAM 1.48  

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